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I Love My Pirate Papa

I Love My Pirate Papa
ASIN: 0152056645

Harcourt Children's Books

Author: Laura Leuck

My kids want to reveal to you this excellent pirate book called I Love My Pirate Papa. Written by Laura Leuck and the publisher is Harcourt Children's Books. This book went on sale in September of 2007. The child's book has 32 pages. To take advantage of the low price I discovered, visit the add to shopping cart button.

It's a yar vessel that can carry this crew of burly pirates, the captain, and his scrappy little son. And at the finish of each day, he gets tucked in by the fiercest pirate of them all: his  loving and tender dad. From the crow's nest for the hold, from the high seas to the island of buried treasure, this boy hangs out using the most  rough-and-tumble of rogues.        


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