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Pirate Island Adventure (liza, Bill And Jed Mysteries)

Pirate Island Adventure
ASIN: 0440473942


Author: Peggy Parish


Three children vacationing on Pirate Island discover a long-lost family "treasure."
Shopping for a superb book? You will have to read Pirate Island Adventure (liza, Bill And Jed Mysteries) written by Peggy Parish. Written by Peggy Parish and it was published around June of 2005 by Yearling. The book features Mystery and detective stories. The pirate book has 176 pages and it has illustrations. A Yearling book. If you prefer a copy of this book, visit our affilate button.

Summer vacation at Pirate Island! Liza, Bill, and Jed can't believe their grandparents' wonderful surprise. The excitement begins even prior to they reach the island, as Grandpa offers the first clue towards the unsolved mystery of a long-lost family “ treasure. ” Whether it's their frightening run-ins with Hermit Dan, a wild and scary romp having a swooping bat, or a midnight trip into the woods, tracking the series of weird picture clues leads the youngsters all over the island and into all sorts of adventures.


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