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Pirate Mouse Adventures (book 1) (the Town Of Toopi-toopi)

Pirate Mouse Adventures5 Star Rating
Pirate Mouse Adventures
"Pirate Mouse Adventures" Is An Incredible Child's Book

Do you need to acquire a children's book? Get a copy of Pirate Mouse Adventures (book 1) (the Town Of Toopi-toopi) by Jay J Weaver. The author is Jay J Weaver and the publisher is DLA Publishing. This became available sometime in 2013. Whilst you read, picture the actual scenario within your mind. You could get as artistic as you choose with the situation mentally. It's going to most likely put you within the thrill and also excitement in the pirate book. To purchase a copy at the best price, visit our store add to cart button below.

Pirate Mouse Adventures is a fantastic book. pirate mouse adventures book town toopi-toopi

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Publisher: DLA Publishing
Author: Jay J Weaver

Full Description

A 1500+ word children's book about a pirate mouse and crew who sail on a river by way of the Mindu Valley in their pirate ship, the Tisbig, having one adventure following an additional while helping those in need. Book #1 of 2 in the Pirate Mouse Adventures series Manny, the Mantis and Sandi, the Caterpillar had just loaded the catbubs in to the cannons when the birds starting singing wwwiiifffllleee-wwwiiifffllleee while beginning their dive towards the pirate ship. Captain Magee, the Pirate Mouse ordered all hands to fire at will and as each catbub bubble sailed through the air using the face of an.


  • Format: Kindle eBook

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