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Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete

Kennedy EPulishing

Author: Kim Kennedy

Your kids will love Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy. The author is Kim Kennedy and it was published by Kennedy EPulishing. This book was available on bookshelves on the 1st of October, 2011. As you read, visualize the actual scenario within your mind. To get a copy at the cheapest price, visit the add to cart button.

Pirate Pete and his parrot love gold. And the leprechaun's pot holds Irish stew! And these aren't their only troubles. Whose ship is that on the horizon, giving chase? This funny and whimsical book will have both children and adults giggling as Pete and crew make their way toward Mermaid Island."Pete and his parrot steal the map and hit the high seas. On Candy Island, they are sure to find gold cavity fillings; on Sleepy Island, magic gold dust from the Sandman; on Clover Island, a pot of leprechaun gold! When they hear the Queen features a treasure map, they genuinely should have it. For exactly exactly where there is treasure, there is gold. But their search is futile: the children on Candy Island brush their teeth! Sleepy Island residents study books to assist them sleep! As they journey to Mermaid Island, exactly where the treasure lies, they come upon other islands that tempt Pete in his search for gold. And as Pete says (over and over once again) :"Where there's gold, I'm a-goin'! This book is pure gold!


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