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Pirate Wars (wave Walkers)

Pirate Wars
ASIN: 1416924779

Margaret K. McElderry Books

Author: Kai Meyer

Do you want to acquire a book? Pirate Wars (wave Walkers) is the right child's book! The author is Kai Meyer and it was published by Margaret K. McElderry Books. It became available on the 16th of December, 2008. The pirate book is 384 pages long. To get the best bargain on this child's book besides other books, click on our affilate link below.

Jolly, Griffin, and their pirate friends are back, battling to conserve the world from the evil Maelstrom. There they meet the beautiful Aina, who is really a polliwog like themselves but from an ancient time. Princess Soledad fights to safeguard the sea star city and encounters an awe-inspiring serpent god. A friend or an enemy? Is she a girl or perhaps a ghost? Griffin leaves his magic room inside the belly of a giant whale to take on the lord of the kobalins. Together, Jolly and Munk make their way underwater to reach the center of the Maelstrom.

Though the battle for the sea star city is raging, Jolly learns the shocking truth about Aina. As Jolly begins to understand the past, she realizes what she must do to conserve the whole Caribbean. But is she currently too late? This rip-roaring fantasy filled with nonstop action is a perfect ending to magical mastermind Kai Meyer's swashbuckling Wave Walkers trilogy.


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