Pirate Books for Kids


ASIN: 1590789121


Author: David L. Harrison

Permit me to reveal to you this great book entitled Pirates. Written by David L. Harrison and it was published by Wordsong. This book was available on the 1st of April, 2012. The book has 48 pages, add to cart by selecting the link below.

Glamorous, swashbuckling, daring adventurers? Pirates have had good publicity for a lengthy time. But they had been really a bunch of misfits, thugs, and ne'er-do-wells who spent most of their time bored, waiting for a number of moments of excitement and rich booty that could very well get them wounded or killed, or captured and executed. Still, a pirate's life was selected by many, and this poetry collection describes the highs and lows and everything in among for those who swore the oath of the Brotherhood.


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