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Pirates: A Pirate Picture Book For Kids !

Pirates A Pirate Picture Book For Kids
Author: Eddy Trentham

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Children's author Eddy Trentham presents:"Pirates: A Pirate Picture Book For Kids! SPECIAL PRICING: This book is exclusive for the Amazon store and currently set at a low promotional price. Note: This book is suitable for kids aged 7 years and older (or parents may wish to read it with younger youngsters ). *** Your kid will love this book - I guarantee it! This educational children's book tends to make use of fun and colorful pictures and carefully chosen words to teach young children about Pirates. ". Points of interest include: - The Jolly Roger - The Pirate Code - Pirate Treasure - Pirate Punishment It was a pleasure to write this kids book about pirates, and much much more enjoyable to see children reading and learning so much from it. Children will learn about exactly where pirates originated, infamous pirates, pirates that roamed Asia and Europe, and naturally Pirates with the Caribbean too. Jam packed with fun facts, this kids pirates picture book takes your kid through the history of pirates and will keep your child stimulated and learning, from start to finish. *** In addition to supplying children with a fun history of pirates, this book also explains interesting details about how pirates lived and sailed together. It might be download immediately and read on your i Pad, Kindle, Tablet or any other mobile device that supports Kindle books.


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